I am living in New Mexico. I have been doing photography since I was young. I’m now 70. I have a fondness for fine art black and whites. This is probably because that was how people my age generally learned to do our own photography, from the loading of b/w roll or sheet film to making a darkroom print. Color was relegated to Kodachrome slides. Of course, that time is long gone and all my photo work from camera to image to edit to printing is all done digitally. The only challenge for me in photography today is to simply make a compelling image that conveys how I felt when I was first drawn to the subject. I am comfortable with the technical side but now I would say I’ve become a non-technical photographer. I see something and I photograph it. Just that simple. When I’m doing photography, the act seduces me into a visceral reality that is akin to meditation. I become one with my environment. And my camera, after a lifetime of experience, is a natural extension of my sight. Then I rush back to my software to see what I did. Blogging is the opposite, very much all imagination and pondering, but showing my images on-line is all part of my creative flow.